Tips for driving on snow/ice/rain

For many of us, winter weather is on the way or already here. Be ready with these driving tips, courtesy of Don's Auto Repair, Inc in Blue Ash.

Firstly, it’s important to have appropriate tires, in good condition. There are specific tires for ice and snow, but for a lot of us, having an extra set of tires laying around is a cost and inconvenience we can’t spare. Fortunately, all season tires exist and they can be used year round. Consider a set of all season tires next time you have your old tires replaced. More importantly, make sure your tires are in good condition; nothing makes driving in inclimate weather more difficult than a set or worn out tires. Your tires should have adequate tread and be free from dry rot.

Secondly, know your car. Rear and front wheel drive vehicles act differently when they lose traction, so it’s important to know which one you have. On a rear wheel drive vehicle, you’ll most likely lose traction at the back wheels. If this happens, and your back end begins to slide, turn smoothly into the slide to maintain control of the vehicle. It may seem counterintuitive, but you actually want to turn your wheels toward the direction your rear end is travelling. Let off the accelerator until you regain traction. On a front wheel drive car, the process is a bit more simple; point the front wheels in the direction you want to go and use the accelerator to regain traction and control if possible. If you start to slide while driving, it’s generally best not to hit the brakes - you’ll lose what traction and control you do have unless you have a good anti-lock brake and traction control system.

Lastly, go slow, don’t accelerate, brake, or change direction quickly, and pay attention. It’s easy to lose control quickly, and sometimes difficult to regain control once it has been lost. Don’t push your luck when driving on slippery surfaces, and take it easy.

If you need new tires this winter, a tune up, or any other repair or maintenance performed on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to come by and see us at Don's Auto Repair, Inc. We’ll prepare you and your vehicle for the harsh weather ahead.


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