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How to know when to replace my timing belt and water pump

When Should I Replace My Timing Belt and Water Pump?

Knowing when to replace your timing belt and water pump before they fail, can often be difficult to know. Generally, these will need to be changed as directed by your manufacturer’s recommendation; which is normally every 60,000 miles. Most car owners change both components at the same time to save on costs and time. And there are some very good reasons to change both at the same time as to avoid unwanted additional charges or trouble in the future. This is because the labor involved in disassembling the engine to get at these parts is complicated and time-consuming, so you will be save yourself by replacing them at the same time.


5 Signs Your Timing Belt and Water Pump Need Replacing

Here are a few signs that can tell you when your timing belt and water pump need replacing:

  1. Rough engine noise when idling
  2. Drop in oil pressure
  3. Misfiring of the engine
  4. Heavy vibration when idling
  5. Excess smoke from the exhaust

Contact us today to get started with your review, repair or replacement of your vehicle’s timing belt and water pump. If you are not sure if they need to be replaced, schedule a review with Don’s Auto Repair today and we will help you understand exactly what is needed to get your vehicle working properly.

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